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  About Geocaching:

Geocaching is a new and entertaining outdoor recreational sport for GPSR users. It is essentially, a "High-Tech Scavenger Hunt". The "hunt" requires a GPSR, or Global Positioning System Receiver. This device is a type of radio, specially designed to receive position signals from orbiting GPS satellites. Using a handheld GPSR, you can find any spot on (or above) the earth to within just a few meters.

Geocaching is a wonderful family oriented sport that everyone can enjoy. It is designed to accommodate everyone from the most hardened outdoor enthusiast, to the elderly. In fact, some caches are even wheelchair accessible! With thousands of caches hidden worldwide there is likely one near you.

The object of Geocaching is quite simple and involves hiding a cache filled with small items, and then noting the geographical coordinates of the cache through the use of the handheld GPS receiver. The coordinates are then posted to a web site such as Other participants get the coordinates from the web site and, using their GPS receiver, attempt to find the location of the hidden cache.

It sounds easy, and sometimes it is. Keep in mind, though that handheld GPS receivers have limited accuracy. You may get to the general area with the GPSR, but may find yourself searching a 100 foot diameter area for the cache. If the cache is hidden well, this can be a real challenge!

Once the cache is found, the cache finder(s) usually remove an item from the cache and replace it with an item of similar value. They then sign the logbook inside the cache if one was provided. Items in caches have ranged from small toys to more expensive items like watches, cell phones and even cash. Expensive items are not the norm, your milage may vary.

Once a participant has signed the logbook and exchanged items, they return the cache container to its original location and try their best to hide it exactly as it was found. This will ensure the next cache hunter will have the same experience.

The final step is to log the find on the listing web site so as to let the hider, and others know about the experience.

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